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**City name
**City name
**Zip code
**Zip code
{{mbox | type=notice | text ='''Note:''' The address information sent in the call data by dispatch has to match the address information in the GIS shapefile. Wiz won't work if the data doesn't match.}}

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Introduction to Wiz

Wiz is a mapping system that was built by Active911 to use GIS shapefiles provided by users to improve mapping accuracy. If your department has a GIS shapefile that contains address points for the addresses in your jurisdiction, you can send that file to Active911 to use with Wiz and improve the mapping accuracy of your alerts. Wiz is currently in use by over 500+ Active911 departments, and rarely provides inaccurate mapping for alerts.

Requirements to use Wiz

Wiz is a system that has to be enabled at the agency/department level. This requires the admin of the agency's account with Active911 to work with Active911's support team to get Wiz setup. For Wiz to work, certain requirements must be met.

Dispatch Requirements

For most agencies, their dispatch center is sending Active911 their call data via a CAD system. In order to use Wiz, the call information sent to Active911 by the dispatch's CAD system must include:

  • The full street address (EX: 123 Main Street, 4567 1st Avenue APT B, etc.)
  • The city name of the address

GIS Data Requirements

Most counties in the United States have a GIS department that maintains shapefiles data for addresses located within the county. Even some individual cities/municipalities have their own GIS department. The admin of an Active911 agency can work with their local GIS department and Active911's support team to get the required shapefile data. Listed below are the data requirements:

  • The shapefile must be an address point shapefile. A shapefile containing line or polygon data won't work.
  • For each address point (individual address) in the shapefile, the following information must be present:
    • Address number
    • Street name
    • City name
    • Zip code

Wiz limitations

  • Wiz is currently only available to Active911 users within the United States
  • Wiz doesn't recognize cross street "address" points (EX: Main Street & 1st Avenue)
  • Wiz doesn't recognize mile marker "address" points (EX: HWY 101 MM 50)