Windows PC Changelog

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Beta Version

1.5.8 beta

New in this version

  • Requires agency selection when sending alerts.
  • Fixes an issue with GPS reporting.

Current Version


New in this version

  • Fix that for issue that was causing a crash upon opening
  • Fix for silent ringtone
  • Update to position reporting
  • Requires agency selection when sending alerts

Previous Versions


New in this version

  • Support for continuous repaging
  • Ability to un-assign devices from an assignment
  • Ability to toggle new chat message notifications on and off
  • Require confirmation when sending alerts to everyone so that users don’t inadvertently spam everyone
  • Now displays badge of unread chat message count
  • App will always get alerts sent from it regardless of whether the sending device is a member of the receiving page groups
  • Adds support for Mexico
  • Improved connectivity to Active911
  • Improved performance when using on an agency with 1000+ active devices


New in this version

  • Bugfix for accessing the responses list and the alert events list


New in this version

  • Indicates connected status to Active911
  • Can send low priority alerts
  • Can edit location markers
  • Can email reports generated from calls
  • Can specify COM port used for external GPS devices
  • Remembers whether the responses list should be expanded or not
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations
  • Improved performance on large agencies


New in this version

  • Adds ability to chat within agency
  • Adds turn by turn directions
  • Adds email button for beta feedback
  • Adds ability to report AVL to an external application
  • Adds new colors
  • Adds ability to preview ringtones
  • Improved XMPP reconnect
  • Uses more readable font size on locations
  • Improved logging
  • Update Available popup no longer nags the user
  • Will gracefully handle new marker location colors the app is not aware off


New in this version

  • Improved GPS accuracy when using external GPS devices.
  • Ability to clear all alerts from the settings window.
  • Ability to toggle debug mode for retrieving logs from the settings window.
  • Bug fix for position reporting.
  • Logs for external GPS devices now populate correctly.


New in this version

  • Bug fix for the a disconnect issue causing the app to stop receiving alerts on some PCs.
  • Bug fix for missing initial location.
  • Bug fix for losing data when the app exits incorrectly via a force quit or crash.
  • Bug fix for inaccuracies when using the ruler to measure distances.
  • Removed everyone from list of pagegroups that can be joined.
  • Added feedback when attempting to join or leave a locked pagegroup.
  • Added improved logging in order to improve user experience. (We only receive logs when you manually sends them to us.)


New in this version

  • Added feet and meters to distance measurements
  • Added a copy button to debug logs
  • Improved GPS reporting
  • Fixed issue with map zoom level when a new alert comes in


  • This was the first version of the Windows PC App