Setup the link between Active911 and your dispatch

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Once an account has been created for your agency, you will need to do a couple things in order to start getting pages.

Connect your devices and CAD

Note: this assumes that you have created an Active911 account for your agency and that you have full permissions on your new account.

  1. After logging in, click on the Devices tab. Then click on the words 'Add phone or tablet'. Fill out the form to receive alerts on any cell phones or tablets.
    • If the device is an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. make sure you select 'smartphone' as the device type.
    • If you are using the iPhone/iPad app, make sure to set Page Type to iPhone App. Then click Save, and enter the given code into the Settings area of the App.
    • If you are using Cadpage, set Page Type to Cadpage. Then click Save, and enter the given code into Cadpage (Settings -> Direct Paging Vendors -> Active911)
    • Once you have saved a device, you can go back and change or remove it by clicking on it.
  1. In your Active911 account, click the speech bubble icon next to the new device. This will send a test message so you can verify that messages get delivered.
  2. Click on the tab with your agency name. Send the 'Alert email' address to your dispatch center, using your chain of command. Once the Active911 system starts to receive pages at this email address, we will activate the system and you will start getting pages on your phones or tablets.

What to expect

After you begin receiving pages, you will be able to log into Active911 again to review past calls and statistics. When you are alerted, you will see a 'respond' button. Clicking on this button will mark you as a responder, and activate your phone's GPS to track your response in real time. You can then view the number of responders online. iPhones and iPads can watch this response on a live map. For regular cell phones, simply text back the letter 'R' to indicate you are responding.

You may add other members of your crew to your account so that you can use the service together. You may convert to a paid or free account at any time you wish; if you do nothing, it will automatically become a free (limited) account after 120 days.