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Users can generate Oauth Tokens codes for personal use as long as they have Edit Agency permission for that agency.

This does not require pre-registration of a developer account.

You must use the Google OAuth2.0 Playground to generate an access token and a refresh token.


OAuth Settings.jpg
  1. Go to
  2. Click the Gear in the top right corner to change the settings to point at our servers.

Generating an authorization code

  1. In Step 1 of the Google OAuth webpage, enter the scope you want to apply to the tokens you are generating. For more information on Scope, click here
  2. Click the "Authorize APIs" button. You should be brought to a page which will allow you to select which Agency you want to generate the tokens for.
  3. Select an Agency and click 'Submit'. After selecting an agency, you will be prompted to confirm your authorization.
  4. Click 'Yes'.
  1. After confirming your authorization, you will be brought back to the OAuth2.0 Playground where the Authorization Code will be entered under Step 2 of the Google OAuth webpage for you.

Accessing the API

  1. Exchange the Authorization Code for a Refresh Token and an Access Token in Step 2 of the Google OAuth webpage.
  2. Once you exchange your code for tokens, you can use Step 3 of the Google OAuth webpage to access our api.
  3. Start with the url "" (Note the last backslash in required)
  4. Other API calls can be found here