Overview of Account Types

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Account Types

Trial account

Each account starts as a trial account. Trial accounts are 100% free, and commitment free. The trial period lasts for 120 days. Trial accounts have access to all of Active911's features, and can be setup to send send alerts to an unlimited number of devices. Trial accounts are for evaluation purposes. At the end of the trial period, the admins of an agency have the option to convert to a paid account or a free-limited account. If a payment isn't made by the end of the 120 day free trial, the account will automatically convert to a free-limited account.

After the trial period, most accounts convert to the paid status. Each individual device in a paid account require a subscription to receive alerts. The paid account can be setup so that subscriptions are purchased by the department or individuals. The per subscription cost will vary, depending on amount of subscriptions being purchased; see Pricing. Paid accounts include the following:
  • Unlimited devices (each device requires a paid subscription to receive function)
  • The SMS, voice call, and email page types are available for use.
  • Webview devices can be used. They require a subscription like all other devices in a paid account.
  • Access to ALL features
  • Free CADPage (no extra charge)

Free-limited account

A free-limited account costs nothing, but comes with the following limitations:
  • Only the first 5 devices listed within the agency's account will receive alerts. Additional devices will not work.
  • The SMS, voice call, and email page types aren't available for use. Only iOS, Android, and Windows devices that are using the Active911 app will work.
  • Webview is not supported
  • Family SMS is not supported

Agency Subscriptions vs. Individual subscriptions?

Paid accounts can be setup to purchase subscriptions in two different ways:

  • Agency subscriptions: The department can pay via check or card. Bulk discounts apply to these types of purchases, depending on the number of subscriptions being purchased. The admin of the agency can assign the subscriptions to whatever devices they want within the agency. Devices that aren't assigned a subscription by the admin are automatically set to require a personal subscription
  • Personal subscriptions: Each individual subscription is $14 (bulk discounts don't apply). Individual subscriptions can be purchased through the member's login access at active911.com, or via the settings menu of the Active911 app on their device.

Android / Cadpage phones: pay once, use both

Active911 is a sponsor of Cadpage. This means that you do not need to pay Cadpage if you are already paying Active911. Your phone will show as paid. Do not pay Cadpage directly. Instead, pay Active911 and we will tell Cadpage that your device is sponsored.

Upgrading to a paid account

Trial to paid

If your account is in the trial period, you will see a banner at the top of your screen warning you that services will expire. If you do nothing, your account will automatically convert to a free-limited account at the end of the trial period, and paging will stop for devices beyond the first five.

To convert from a trial to a paid account, click the Fix this now button at the top of your screen. If you convert to a paid account, paging will not work until you additionally purchase a subscription.

Free-limited to paid

If your account is a free-limited account, you will see a banner at the top of your screen that says "Free Account. Limited to 5 devices or Fix this now". Click the Fix this now text. You will be presented with the option to convert to an individually or agency paid account.

Individually paid to agency paid