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Active911 has several different account levels, each with different features. All non-free account levels are prepaid; this means that you will never owe us money. If you have a paid account that is not paid, it will just stop working. We do this in part because we want you to use Active911 with confidence, knowing you can't accidentally accrue some kind of charge.

Account levels

Trial accounts have access to the full feature set. There is no limitation on how many devices you have or what features you use. If you signed up during the beta testing phase, you probably have a Beta account. Trial accounts are for evaluation purposes, and have a limited amount of time before they automatically turn into free (limited) accounts.
Basic Free (no support) account
The Basic account costs nothing, but comes with the following limitations:
  • Only the first 5 devices will be paged. Additional devices will not work.
  • SMS and voice paging is not available, only iOS, Android, and Windows devices will work.
  • Webview is not supported
  • No support
Paid Subscription
Paid accounts cost around $11.25-$14 per device per year (depending on volume; see Pricing). For this, you get:
  • Unlimited devices (as long as you have subscriptions to cover them)
  • SMS paging
  • Voice paging
  • Webview (a subscription is required to activate)
  • Access to ALL features
  • Premium support (agency only)
  • Free CADPage (no extra charge)

Agency (bulk subscription) vs. Individual account?

There are two ways of purchasing a paid account: you may pay for your account all together (agency subscription) or you may allow your users to log in and each pay for their own devices (personal subscriptions). An agency subscription does not mean that your agency has to pay for any device on the account; it just means that you are purchasing a bulk subscription and that you will act as a group when seeking support. Agency subscriptions have access to bulk purchase discounts and premium support. Agency subscriptions have a 5 device minimum.

Android / Cadpage phones: pay once, use both

Active911 is a sponsor of Cadpage. This means that you do not need to pay Cadpage if you are already paying Active911. Your phone will show as paid. Do not pay Cadpage directly. Instead, pay Active911 and we will tell Cadpage that your device is sponsored.

How to upgrade

If your account is in the trial period, you will see a notice at the top of your screen warning you that services will expire. If you do nothing, your account will automatically convert to a Basic Free account at the end of the trial period, and paging will stop for devices beyond the first five. All SMS paging will also stop.

To convert from a trial to a paid account, click the Fix this now button at the top of your screen. If you convert to a paid account, paging will not work until you additionally purchase a subscription.