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This tab lists all of the map data uploaded to the account. From this tab you can add, remove, or edit the map data points that appear in the app and on the Webview screen.

Adding Map Data

To add map data, click on the '+ Add location' button in the upper left hand corner of the tab. This opens the tool to add map data. Instructions for adding map data can be found here.
If there is a large number of map points to be uploaded, the bulk upload process can be used to upload them as a file rather than entering them one by one. View the 'Bulk upload' help file here.To do this click the 'Bulk upload' button, select the file, icon type, and icon color. Once these fields are set, press 'Upload'. This will display a preview of the information that is about to be uploaded. If the preview looks accurate, press the 'Save' button.

Filter field

Use this field to filter the map data in the account. It is possible to filter by icon type, icon color, and keyword. The keyword filter searched the name and description of the map data item.
At the bottom of the map data table, the number of map data entries per page can be adjusted to 10, 25, 50, 100, and 250 entries per page.

Share Map Data


This button will only appear if one user from your account with the Edit Locations permission is also listed on another account with the Edit Locations Permission.

Select this button to choose which accounts you want to share your map data information with. Once selected, the points and map data resources will become available to all devices on the other account. Any additions or adjustments made to the data will reflect on any accounts you are sharing with.

Known Issues

Android devices will not recognize uppercase file extensions for JPGs. If you are uploading JPGs, make sure the file ends in ".jpg" (lowercase)