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The Active911 iOS app is available for free download in the Apple App Store. The first time you open the app, it will have a message with the instructions for getting everything set up, including a link to send in an application for your department to receive an account.

Basic setup

Make sure you have downloaded the Active911 app from the App Store and installed it on your device. You should have also registered your phone with Active911 by tapping "Settings" in the App and entering the Device Code you got from your Active911 account off the Devices tab or the Tab with your user name on it.

  1. In your phone, go to Settings and then Notification. Find Active911 in the list, and make sure that everything is turned ON.
  2. Log into your Active911 account and click on the Devices tab (Admins only). If you are not an administrator of the account, you should be able to find your device code by looking in the tab with your name on it, it will be listed under "My Devices."
  3. Find your phone in the list. Open it up and make sure "Page Type" is set to "iPhone/iPad App". Click Save.
  4. Click on the speech bubble icon. This will send a test message to your phone.

If you get the test message, your phone is connected to Active911 properly. If you did not get the test page,

  1. Open up the Active911 app and tap Settings at the bottom. Erase the registration code and tap Done.
  2. Re-enter the code listed next to your phone in the Devices tab of your account. Your device should re-register with Active911. Remember, this code is unique to your device - if you share it, it will stop working!
  3. Try sending the test message (step 3 above)

Apple App Settings

The settings is the gears icon in the bottom right corner of the app.

This is where the device code is entered to register the device with Active911 servers.
Foreground GPS
Turn on if you want your device to show on the map when the app is open.
Background GPS
This is where you set if you want your location to run in the background of your phone.
  • Reduced Accuracy - your location will show on the map when the app is backgrounded, but won't be updated as frequently to save battery life.
  • Precise Accuracy - your location will show on the map when the app is backgrounded and will constantly report it in the app. This can use a lot of battery life.
  • Off - Your device will not show up on the map when the app is backgrounded.
Screen Timeout
This is where you can set how long you want your screen to stay on without touching it.
  • 30 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 5 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • None
To customize the look of your app!
  • Light
  • Night
  • Battalion Blue
Map Marker Density
You can change the density of the map markers, so you can see more or less of map data points at a time.
  • Dense - Use the Dense setting if the account's map data is very close and clutters the screen
  • Urban - Allows map data to show only when the zoom level is set high enough to only see a few blocks from the center of the screen
  • Normal - When set to Normal, map data is visible when the zoom level is set to view mile or so total.
  • Rural - If the device is in a rural setting, with map data miles apart, select the rural setting.
  • None - No markers will show on the map
Google / Apple - select your preferred mapping provider
Auto Routing
Turn on to get routing to the addresses of your alerts
Continuous Repaging
Turn on if you want to have a tone go off until you open the alert in the app.

Agency Specific Settings

Duty Status
  • On Duty - The default is on duty. When On duty is selected, the device will receive alerts
  • Off Duty - When Off duty is selected, the device will not receive any alerts unless a group is set to override shifts and filters or the device has filters set for certain calls to come through.
  • Auto - When the device has a shift set from the roster by an admin, a device can be set to Auto follow the shift schedule.
  • Off Duty but Available - When selected, you will only receive alerts when you are within 5 miles of the location of the alert.
Select the ringtone for when an alert goes off on your phone.
If your agency has pagegroups set up, you can add or take yourself out of certain groups.
Clear Alerts
Tap this button, and it will clear all the alerts off of your device. The alarms will still be in the alarms tab on the website.


Sending an alert

If your administrator has granted you the capability to create and send new alerts, you can alert your agency right from your phone.

  1. Long press on a map to select a location.
  2. Tap Alert and edit the details You can also select recipient groups if your agency has set up Page groups.
  3. Tap Send. No matter what address you enter, we will map the alert to the place you tapped.

Alternately, you can send an alarm without using the map by tapping the "+" icon above the alarms list. If you do this, we will try to map the address you have typed in.