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How do I get my device code?

A: To recover your device ID, you will need to log in to the member access area. To do this, go to www.active911.com and click on the 'Member Access' link at the top of the page. Your username will be your email address; if you need your password reset, just leave the password field blank, and a new one will be emailed to you. This password link is a one-time-use link, so if you need a new one sent, just leave the password field blank again. Once logged in, you will be able to view and edit your device information, including your device code.

You can access a video with these instructions here.

What is the cost for Active911?

The only cost for the Active911 system is based off the number of devices. The standard rate is $12.75 per device per year. There are bulk discounts for agency subscriptions. A full breakdown of the rates is available at: Pricing.

How do I pay for an Individual/Personal Subscription?

In order to purchase a personal subscription, please go to Active911.com, to Login. Enter your email and password. If you do not have or know your password, leave the password field blank and select Go. This will send you a new password link to your email. Once logged in, you should see your device listed with a blue Fix Now for $12.75 button. If you see your device, but not the button, refresh the page.