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Have you been looking for a clear and easy way to notify your spouse/family/friend when you’re responding to an alert? If so, our new Family SMS feature will meet your needs! As of 4/13/2018, Family SMS is available for use. Family SMS was designed to allow users to add a phone number of a spouse or family member to be notified when the user is responding to a call. This means that when an alert comes through, after a member selects a response (other than Unavailable), an SMS text will be sent to their spouse/family/friend number(s) that have been added.

Adding as an Administrator

If you are an admin or have been granted the view and edit family permissions, you will have access to the Family tab on the online account. To add a family members phone number for a member on the account, first you will need to make sure that the member you are adding the family member for is already listed on the Users tab. You only need to give them Login permissions (which will only enable them to see their own device information and family members phone number) to enable their name to appear when adding a number on the Family tab.

After adding them as a User, you will go to the Family tab, select to "Add Device" and an "Add Family Member" pop-up will appear. This window will have you select the User you are adding the family member for, the family member's phone number, the family members relation (optional), and if they are going to use an Agency subscription or if the User is going to login later to make the payment. If you have not made an agency payment for the Family SMS, but you plan to do so, there is a "+ Family Subscriptions" box on the Family Tab. There will also be an option to purchase these subscriptions at the same time you do your agency renewal with us, if you want/need to plan this into the budget. The cost is $10.00 per phone number for a year subscription.

Adding as an Individual Member

1) An existing user (a first responder who uses the Active911 app on their smart phone) visits our new website,, and logs in. If they have not logged in before, it will ask for their email or phone number and a password. Doing a password reset will provide them with a new password that will allow them to get logged in.

To do a Password Reset, please go to our website, Go to the Login section. Enter your email as the user name and leave the password field blank. Select Login and a password reset email will be sent to the email address you provided.

2) Within the tab labeled with their name, there is a “Family SMS Phone Numbers” section at the bottom. Click the “+ Add Number” box, and a new line will appear where a phone number can be entered.

3) After entering the phone number, click the green button on the right side to save the phone number.

4) An “Activate” button will appear to the right. Click that button to complete the purchase process. The cost is $10.00 per phone number for a year subscription.

Once the Family SMS device has been activated, it will receive notifications via SMS text message for each response vocabulary that is selected within the Active911 app by the user’s device (other than Unavailable).