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Bulk Uploading Devices

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This feature allows the user to bulk upload a device list.

How to bulk upload a device list

  • Go to www.active911.com and click login
  • Once logged in, click on devices.
  • At the top of the page you will see a button labeled, "Bulk Upload." Click on that.
  • Click "Select File" and find your saved device list that is in CSV format
  • Once you selected it, you will see it in the window and then click "Upload"
  • Step 2 shows, all the devices in your file. Any new devices that aren't found in our system already will be in the "Add these devices to the agency." If we found the device in our system, then you can choose to add it as multiple use.
  • If all those devices are correct click "Done." The devices will then show up on the tab.

Need a template? Download the template here: Device Bulk Upload Template