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The information on this page is intended to help new users activate the Active911 app on their device (phone, tablet, PC, etc.).

What is a device code?

Each device (phone, tablet, PC, etc.) that is added to an Active911 account is generated a unique device code. The device code is used to register the app on the device so that Active911 knows where to send alerts for the device.

How to retrieve a device code

To activate the Active911 app and start receiving alerts requires a device code. iPhones and Android phones can retrieve their device codes via the following steps:

1. Download the Active911 app from the app store 2. Open the app 3. Select the "Activate my device" option 4. On the next screen, select the "Get my Device Code" link 5. Enter the phone number of the device that needs to be activated 6. If the phone number entered matches a device in our system, a text message will be sent to the phone number that contains the device code 7. Enter the device code into