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Active911 has several beta testing clients, each with different features. At this moment there are beta clients for iOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phones, and a beta version of the “Member Access” web console at Listed below are directions on how to become a beta tester for each client.

iOS Beta

Signing Up

Please follow the steps below to become an iOS beta tester:

  1. Email your iCloud email account, and Active911 user email account to Make sure to indicate in the email that you want to become an iOS beta tester. You will be added to our internal beta group, and an email invitation will be sent to you.
  2. Follow the directions in the invitation email to accept the beta invitation.
  3. Download the TestFlight app from the App Store on your device.
  4. Within the TestFlight app will be an option to install the beta version of the iOS app. Make sure that you have all other versions of the Active911 app uninstalled from your device before installing the beta version.
  5. Register the app by entering your device code into the settings menu of the app.


There are two ways you can submit feedback as an iOS beta tester:

  1. Open the TestFlight app, tap on the Active911 shield icon, and select the “Send Feedback” option. This will open your device's default email application, where you can compose an email that is sent directly to our developers
  2. Send an email to that contains your feedback.

Android Beta

Signing Up

Please follow the steps below to become an Android beta tester:

  1. We are created a new Android Open Beta which will have the latest stable release about 5-7 days before it is released to everyone else. This will be open to all users of Active911 and only requires Opt-in through the Google Play store. The instructions for how to do this are here.
  2. The Android Closed Beta will be updated more frequently as we complete each new feature. This means that every new feature will released to the Android Closed Beta the same day as when our developers finish them. If you want to join the Android Closed Beta, follow the instructions here after you have joined the Open Beta.


To interact with other Android beta testers and provide feedback, visit the link below to request access to our Active911 Google Group:!forum/active911-google-play-beta

Windows Tablet & Phone Beta

Signing Up

Please follow the steps below to become a Windows beta tester:

  1. Download the beta app from the Windows Store. Here's the link:
  2. Register the app by entering your device code into the settings menu of the app.


To send feedback directly to our developers, press the message icon. The message icon should appear directly to the left of the personnel icon found on the bottom of the main screen of the app.

Windows Desktop(PC) Beta (Windows XP through Windows 10)

Signing Up

Please follow the steps below to become a Windows PC beta tester:

Download the Windows PC beta installer (1.9.2 beta)

Adding a PC Beta Testing Device To Your Account

To add a device to use with the Windows PC Beta app follow the directions below:

  1. Log into your member access account at
  2. Navigate to the devices tab and select the "+ Add device" button
  3. Fill out the information for the device (phone number isn't necessary)
  4. Choose "PC" as the "device type and "Wing2" as the page type
  5. Double check you've entered everything correctly and click the "Add" button
  6. The device will be added to the account, and you can use the device code generated for it


Please note that this is a very early beta version of the Windows PC app. It is not a fully functioning app at this point. If you have feedback, send an email containing your feedback to

Web Console Beta

Signing Up

To become a tester for the Web Console beta, please send an email to In the email you need to provide the email address registered with your Active911 user account, and that you would like to become a Web Console beta tester.

While using the beta interface, the words “BETA INTERFACE” will be added beneath the name of your department when you log into your account at If at any point, while you're logged in, you'd like to convert back to the normal web console, click the “Member Access” link at the top of the page.


Please send an email containing any feedback to