Application OAuth Token Generation

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The first step for 3rd party developers is to register your application.

The following information is required to add your client application to our system.

  • Application Name
  • Main Point of Contact - Name, Email, Photo ID, Phone Number
  • Company - Proof of Business Documentation (Business License or other official documentation)
  • Redirect URI - As recommended by the Oauth2.0 specification, we require a redirection endpoint which will accept the authorization code generated by our system. This should be the full url of a your endpoint, but we will also accept the base domain name under which your endpoint lives.

You may submit this via email to with the subject line of "Open API Developer Registration"

Once processed, you will receive in return a client_id, a derivative of your Application Name, which will be used in requests to our authorization server.

Authorization Code

3rd party applications must use the Authorization Code workflow, starting with a request to

client_idyesThe client_id given to your application when you registered it with us
response_typeyesCurrently we only support the Authorization Code workflow, so this must be set to "code"
redirection_uriyesThe url you want the user to be redirected to after they authorize your request
scopeyesThe permissions you are requesting access for
statenoYou may set this to a particular value, and that value will be resent upon redirection after authorization

Upon authorization by the user, this will redirect to the redirection uri specified with the authorization code included as a query parameter: <REDIRECTION URI>/?code=<your new authorization code>