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Android App Settings

For android devices, the settings is either three squares stacked on each other or under the menu button on the device.

Device Code
This is where the device code is entered to register the device with Active911 servers.
Connection to Active911
When your device says it is connected, it means that your phone is registered with Active911 and is ready to receive alerts.
Not Connected
When your device says its not connected, it means that your phone is not connected to Active911 and will not receive alerts. You will also get this when you haven't entered your device code in correctly. If your device was correctly registered and has 'lost' it's connection, you can re-register the device with two simple steps.
  1. Tap the 'hidden' Connection to Active911 button five times quickly. A banner will flash on the screen that says Renewing GCM token.
  2. Wait a few seconds, and then tap the button again 3 times quickly. This time, the banner will say Re-registering with Active911.

Standard Settings

Show Alerts For
This setting determines how long alerts will be stored within the app, unless they are manually deleted. EX: If you have the 1 Day option selected, alerts that are older than one cay will automatically be deleted. The options available include:
  • 1 Day
  • 3 Days
  • 1 Week
  • 2 Weeks
  • 1 Month
Map Marker Density
You can change the density of the map markers, so you can see more or less of map data points at a time.
  • Dense Urban - Use the Dense Urban setting if the account's map data is very close and clutters the screen
  • Urban - Allows map data to show only when the zoom level is set high enough to only see a few blocks from the center of the screen
  • Suburban - When set to Suburban, map data is visible when the zoom level is set to view mile or so total.
  • Rural - If the device is in a rural setting, with map data miles apart, select the rural setting.
  • None - No markers will show on the map
Screen Timeout
This is where you can set how long you want your screen to stay on without touching it.
  • 30 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 2 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • None
Auto-Open Mode
  • OFF - The phone will alert you with sound, but you will need to find the app and open it on your phone.
  • Original Auto-open - The phone will alert you with sound and once you open your phone, the application will automatically open.
  • Popup Dialog - :The phone will alert you with sound and a dialog box will popup. There you can see the call, address, and are able to click on an action key, more information, or dismiss. Then when you unlock your phone, the app will open up automatically.
    • Action Keys - Let your department know if you are responding, unavailable, etc.
    • More Info - To find out more information about the alert.
    • Dismiss - Click this button to ignore the call.
Foreground GPS
This will track the location of the device while the app is open only.
Background GPS
  • High Accuracy - This will track the phone while the app is closed as if it were open.
  • Battery Saving - This will track the phone while the app is closed with reduced accuracy.
  • Off - This will prevent the phone from being tracked while the app is closed.
Continuous Repaging
This will continue to alert and notify your device until the app is opened and alert is viewed.

Advanced Settings

Change the background color of the app.
  • Light (Default)
  • Dark
  • Dark Red
Auto Dim
Switch to dark theme when it gets dark
Map Scale Factor
Resizes the map icons based on resolution. The default setting is 1, which may make icons very small on high resolution devices. Recommended values are 1-3, though values up to 9 are recognized.
Measurement System
Allows the use of English or Metric systems for the app.
  • English
  • Metric
Scanner Radio on Alert
If you have this app downloaded, you can access it through our app. You will need to have a favorite added within the Scanner Radio app in order to have a channel to select within this setting.

Agency Specific Settings

Clear Alerts
Click this button, and it will clear all the alerts off of your device. The alarms will still be in the alarms tab on the website.
Duty Status
  • On Duty - The default is on duty. When On duty is selected, the device will receive alerts
  • Off Duty - When Off duty is selected, the device will not receive any alerts unless a group is set to override shifts and filters or the device has filters set for certain calls to come through.
  • Auto - When the device has a shift set from the roster by an admin, a device can be set to Auto follow the shift schedule.
  • Off Duty but Available - When selected, you will only receive alerts when you are within 5 miles of the location of the alert.
Select the ringtone for when an alert goes off on your phone.
Vibrate Pattern
You can set your phone to vibrate in a certain pattern or you can set it to not vibrate when an alert comes through.
If your agency has pagegroups set up, you can add or take yourself out of certain groups.

Sending Alerts

When you add a device to your account, or edit an already existing device, there is a "Send Alerts" option underneath the "Capabilities" section. If you enable this option, you will be able to generate alarms directly from the device by opening the map of an alert within the Active911 app, and using a one fingered long press on the map. This will place a cross-hair icon where you pressed on the map. You can change the location of the cross-hair icon by using another one fingered long press on the desired location on the map.

Tap the "Create Alert" option that appears near the top right of the map screen, and you can enter the information for the alert into a specific set of fields. The latitude and longitude for the location on the map where you committed the long press will automatically populate the "Address" field. This is especially useful for directing responders to precise locations with no address - for example, wilderness areas or points within football stadiums or fairground sites.


Accessing the Map

The map screen is available in two ways.

First, you can tap on the address of an alert to show the location of the alert on the map. If you have position reporting on, it will also automatically map a route to the alert from your location.

Second, you can always tap the globe icon in the menu bar to go directly to the map. It will not show any alert, but it will still show other devices in your agency as well as map markers.

Follow Me Mode

To center the map on your position, tap on the crosshair icon in the upper righthand corner.

To get the map to track your position as you are moving, tap and hold the button. It will recenter on your position everytime your position is updated.

To exit Follow Me Mode, just pan/zoom the map or tap the crosshair icon again once.

Android Troubleshooting

If you are not receiving pages at all:

  1. In the settings for your Android, make sure Background Data is turned on.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect your phone from Active911:
    • Go to settings within the Active911 app
    • Delete your device code and tap OK
    • Re-enter your device code and tap OK
  3. Try the test message again. If it still doesn't work, delete and re-install Active911
  4. Try the test message again. If it still doesn't work, your phone may be broken. If you have rooted the phone, try restoring it to factory condition and try again.

Cadpage with Active911

Active911 has long supported Cadpage. Cadpage is an Android App that allows Active911 to push messages to a phone or tablet without using SMS. There is also a free Active911 app in Google Play, but for those that prefer to use Cadpage, the following instructions apply.

When a user registers an Android phone or tablet running Cadpage with Active911, that device will begin receiving pages from Active911 using a technology known as "Android Push" or "Direct Paging". This technology does not use SMS messages. Also, Cadpage is "sponsored" by Active911 when it is direct connected - meaning the user doesn't need to directly pay for Cadpage.

Cadpage Device Setup

  1. Go to Google Play on the device and search for "Cadpage". Download the full version and install it.
  2. A user doesn't need to buy Cadpage - Active911 will sponsor it for the user once it is connected to Active911.
  3. In order to register an Android device running Cadpage with Active911, the Active911 account administrator will need to log into the agency's Active911 account and add the device under the agencys's Devices tab. Make sure the Page Type is set to "Cadpage for Android".
  4. Once the device has been added, find the device code that is assigned to that device. This code should be in the far left column on the device roster. This code is used to register the Cadpage app in the next step.
  5. Finally, open up Cadpage on the mobile device, tap settings, tap Direct Paging Vendors, and select the option for Active911. Enter the code from the previous step (if there are two lines, put the numbers on the top line and letters on the bottom line) and press the register button.
  6. As a final check, go back to the Active911 account and use the test button (Test button.png) to test paging functionality. If everything worked, the device will get a page.

Cadpage Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure that the downloaded Cadpage app is the newest version and that it was installed according to the instructions.
  2. In the Active911 account, click on the test button (Test button.png) next to the device.

If the device gets the test message, the problem is probably resolved. If the device still doesn't get Active911 messages, even though it gets the test pages, the device probably has shift or filters set incorrectly - remove all shift and filter information from the device in the Devices tab of the account and try again.

If pages work, but they are often late or are unreliable

  1. Launch Cadpage
  2. Open Settings
  3. Select Direct Paging Vendors
  4. Select Reconnect Direct Paging

That basically drops the connection to Active911 and reestablishes it. This has helped other people with persistent message drop or delay issues.

If the device is not receiving pages at all:

  1. In the settings for the device, make sure Background Data is turned on.
  2. Try the test message again. If it still doesn't work, delete and re-install Cadpage according to these instructions.

Try the test message again. If it still doesn't work, the device may be broken. If the device is rooted, try restoring it to factory condition and try again.

Known Issues & FAQ

The About text repeats and isn't formatted nicely?
Most of it comes directly from your phone's Android OS, so we can't really change it. We may try to tidy it up in a future patch.
When I add my device to a department in the web console, it does not update in the app?
The app will not notice this immediately. Close the app and wait for 1 minute, then open it again. Your new department should appear.
How often does the Android app update my position?
The app requests position updates be sent every 5 seconds, at a rate of every 1 second at most, whenever the app moves at least 10 meters.
Note: From Google's documentation - This interval is inexact. You may not receive updates at all (if no location sources are available), or you may receive them slower than requested. You may also receive them faster than requested (if other applications are requesting location at a faster interval).
We send this location to our server whenever we receive it, and report position at least once every 5 minutes even if the position hasn't changed.

Features we are working on for the next patch:

  • LED Notification light
  • Override for Silent Mode
  • Lock Screen Popout