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The instructions below describe how to tell your Active911 account how to page a new device (phone, tablet, etc).

Device Set-up

Device Overview.jpg
Icon table img.PNG
  1. Click on the device tab on
  2. In the right corner, click the + Add Device button.
  3. Fill in name
  4. Select the Device Status
    New to Active911
    This is the default. If the device isn't linked to another agency select this.
    Multiple Use
    Select this if the member is already part of another department. You will also need their device code.
  5. Enter phone number (tablets can have a phone number or not), and Email.
  6. Select the Device Type
    Select this for iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry, and Windows phones.
    All non-smart phones
    Select this for iPads and Android Tablets.
    Select this for Webview and Email devices.
  7. Select the Page Type
    Active911 for Android
    Select this for Android devices using the Active911 app.
    Active911 for iOS
    Select this for iPhones or iPads using the Active911 app.
    Active911 for Windows Phone
    Select this for Windows Phones using the Active911 app.
    CADPage for Android
    Select this for Android devices using the CADPage app.
    CADPage for iOS
    Select this for iOS devices using the CADpage app.
    Select this for any device that is not an iOS or Android device.
    Voice Call
    Select this to get a voice call to a phone. This is reserved for very rural departments, where cellular devices don't work.
    Select this for a PC using Webview.
    Select this for a PC receiving emails.
  8. Select the Device Icon
  9. Select the Color of the Icon
    Orange (Default)
  10. Work Shift
    If you click on the "Always on Call", you can see various work shifts. The default is always on call.
  11. Filters
    If you click on the "No filtering", you can set your phone to get certain alarms when on shift or off shift. For more information about filters, please look at understanding filters.