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Here's a roadmap of what we want to accomplish (public facing) in 2014.

2015 Feature List

Public facing

  1. Release Swedish, Norwegian, and French (?) translations of all apps iOS Swedish done
  2. Windows Phone Released
  3. Assignments In Beta
  4. Systemwide chats in apps and console
  5. Personal Messaging in apps
  6. Warnings about unverified Google Maps geocoding
  7. PC app (Windows 8.1: WNS compatible devices) In Progress
  8. Redesign website UI
  9. Report generation for historical alarm data


  1. New Alert Server Released
  2. New Access Server In Beta
  3. New XMPP Server In Beta
  4. GUAize everything In Progress
  5. Unified sharding plan In Progress
  6. Better backups In Progress