Troubleshooting paging on Active911 for Android

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Non-Gingerbread Android Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Active911 from Google Play
  2. In your Active911 account, click on the test button () next to your device.

If you get the test message, you are done. If you still don't get Active911 messages, even though you get the test pages, you probably set your shift or filters incorrectly - remove all shift and filter information from your device in the Devices tab of your account and try again.

If you are not receiving pages at all:

  1. In the settings for your Android, make sure Background Data is turned on.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect your phone from Active911:
    1. Go to settings within the Active911 app
    2. Delete your device code and tap OK
    3. Re-enter your device code and tap OK
  3. Try the test message again. If it still doesn't work, delete and re-install Active911
  4. Try the test message again. If it still doesn't work, your phone may be broken. If you have rooted the phone, try restoring it to factory condition and try again.

Phones running Gingerbread (Android version 2.3-2.3.7)

  1. Google broke GCM registration for Gingerbread devices and we are pushing them for a fix. We have no timeline from them yet on how long it will take them. Normally Google is pretty fast about fixing things like this, but it has been a while and a lot of developers are upset with Google right now and pushing them very hard to get this fixed fast. You can follow the Google group for this issue here.
  2. So far, Google has said that users should try a factory reset or clearing the data from the Google Services Framework on their devices.
  3. If you have already uninstalled Cadpage and Active911 will not connect, the only remaining option at this point is to switch to SMS paging.

Known Issues FAQ

Some of my map data is cut off in the map view?
This is a known issue with the map data. We are working on fixing this for our next app patch
The About text repeats and isn't formatted nicely?
Most of it comes directly from your phone's Android OS, so we can't really change it. We may try to tidy it up in a future patch.
When I add my device to a department in the web console, it does not update in the app?
The app will not notice this immediately. Close the app and wait for 1 minute, then open it again. Your new department should appear.
I still have notifications for alerts that I have either cleared or already read?
Currently, we only clear a notification when you tap on it. That means that, even if you use the Clear Alerts button or read the alert from the alert list, the Notification won't go away.This may allow you to click on Notifications for alerts that no longer exist. The app should redirect you to the main list if you do this. We are working on clearing notifications when the related alert is cleared or read for our next app patch.

Features we are working on for the next patch:

  • LED Notification light
  • Override for Silent Mode
  • Lock Screen Popout