Setting on / off duty using SMS

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There are times when you will want to manually place yourself ON or OFF duty directly from your phone. For example, if you work irregular shifts you will need to manually place yourself ON or OFF duty with each shift so you don't get pages when you are not working.

You can use SMS (text messages) to manually place yourself ON DUTY or OFF DUTY directly from your phone.


In order to put yourself ON duty, text the word on to 541-704-7704. To put yourself OFF duty, text the word off. Within a few seconds, you will get a text message back indicating that your duty status has changed. To see what other commands are available, you can text a question mark (?).

If you belong to multiple agencies

If you are a member of more than one agency, you will need to tell the system for which agency you are going ON or OFF duty. To do this, you will need the agency ID of the agency in question. The agency ID is the first part of the alert email address.

  1. Locate the alert email address for your agency. You will need to use a computer to log into your Active911 account. Click on the tab with your agency name. The alert email is listed near the top. The first part of the address (before the dash) is your agency ID. For example, if your alert email is "", your agency ID will be 123.
  2. Send a text message to 541-704-7704 that reads ON <agency ID> where <agency_id> is your agency ID. For this example, you would text: on 123.