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This tab allows a user to manage events within the account. Events are created by an administrator and can be used for personnel tracking and incident command.

Calendar View

The default view displays a monthly calendar.

Changing The Calendar View

The default calendar view displays a monthly calendar, but can be changed to a weekly or daily view using the corresponding buttons near the top right of the calendar. Near the top left of the calendar are arrow buttons that can be used to switch between months, weeks, and days, depending on what has been selected for that setting. The "today" button will return the user to the current date if the calendar is on another date.

Filtering Events

The "Filter Events By" option allow the user to display only the events that a specific device is attached to. The user should type the name of the device desired to use as a filter into the box titled "Devices", and then click the "Update" button.

Adding An Event

  1. Click on the "Scheduling" tab within the account at
  2. Click on a day within the calendar view, and an "Add event" window will appear.
  3. Event Title
    Provide a name for the event in the "Event Title" field.
  4. Start Time & End Time
    Select the start and end time for the event within the appropriate fields
  5. Description
    Enter any details about the event into the "Description" field. This field can be left empty.
  6. Assignment
    This field is a drop-down menu that allows the user to select one assignment from the list of all the assignments created within the account. Devices that are attached to the event will automatically be assigned to the selected assignment during the time frame of the event.
  7. Recurrence
    The user can select a recurrence rate for the event from the drop-down menu.
    Example: A department has a weekly meeting, every Monday at 2:00PM. Choosing the "Once a week" recurrence option would schedule that event to take place at that same time every week.
  8. Reoccur until
    This option can be used to select a specific date to have the recurrence of an event end.
  9. Devices
    To add devices to the event, the user must click into the "Devices" box, and type the name of the device within the account that should be added to the event. Device names must by typed and selected individually. Any number of devices can be added to an account.
  10. When the user is ready to complete the process, simply click the "Add" button.