My account is not activated?

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Once your account has been approved, it begins a phase called "Activation". This means we are waiting for you to send your alert email to your dispatch system. The goal is to have your dispatch center send an email to the alert address every time you are paged out. Until we see those messages and activate your agency, you will see the following error message:

While you are in the activation phase, messages you send to the alert email will still be delivered to your phone or tablet. However, since we have not yet programmed the servers to correctly understand your message format, mapping may be inaccurate or may not work at all. And the various fields of your call, including the title and the call details, may not come through clearly.

All you need to do during the activation phase is to get your dispatch center to send messages to the alert email address. We will automatically notice this (we try to activate agencies at least once every week) and begin activation automatically.