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This is where you will go to login as an individual or an administrator. Administrators have access to edit and manage the department's account using their member access user account. Normal users have the ability to view their device's information using their member access user account.


To login, enter your phone number or email address that was entered into the system for your device or user profile. As long as your device is set up to receive alerts, you can use your phone number and email interchangeably. If you do not have your device set up yet, you will need to login with your email address or contact the administrator of your account to have this done first.

Next, enter your password. If you received an email with a password, enter it here just as it is shown. Passwords are case sensitive.

Password Reset

If you do not know your password, leave this field blank and select Go. A password will be sent to the email you entered as long as it matches what we have in our system. If you entered a phone number, the password reset email will still be sent to your email but it will be the one connected to your phone number in our system. If you do not receive the email, please check your Junk or Spam folders. If you have still not received it, please contact the administrator for your account/department or our support desk.

Keep Me Logged In

If you use the same device to login to your account every time, select the "Keep me logged in" box. This will automatically bring up your login each time you go to the Member Access section of You can always undo this by logging out when you are done.