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iOS App Setup

  1. Make sure you have uninstalled any previous version of Active911.
  2. Go to the App Store on your phone, and search for "Active911". Download and install it.
  3. Once the app is installed, open it and select OK on the Unregistered Device pop up. The first screen to appear will be the Alarms tab where it says Unregistered with Begin Receiving Alerts listed below.Select Being Receiving Alerts.
  4. This takes you to the Help page. Follow the instructions according to your situation.
  • If you have your device code already, Select Settings on the center bottom of the screen.
  • In the Settings screen, enter the device code next to where is says X Unregistered. After you enter the code, it will register your device.
  • After you have allowed access to your location a pop up will appear that says Device Registered Successfully.
If you do not have a device code yet, you will need to log into your Active911 account and have an Administrator of the account add the device under your account's Devices tab. Make sure the Page Type is set to "Active911 for iOS".
As a final check, have an Admin go back to your Active911 account and use the test button (Test button.png) to test paging functionality. If everything worked, you will get a page.

iOS App Settings

For iOS devices, the Settings is on the bottom center of the screen.

This is where you enter your device code.
Enable GPS
People in your department can see where you are located while the app is open.
People in your department can't see where you are located whether the app is open or not.
Map Marker Density
You can change the density of the map markers, so you can see more or less of map data points at a time. "None" makes all markers disappear. If you are in a rural area, set "Rural". If you are in a city or have many markers, use "Urban". The options are:
This is the default and will provide routing.
This looks similar, but will not provide routing when in the app.
Agency Settings
Duty Status
On duty
The default is on duty. When you have on duty selected, you will receive alerts.
Off duty
When you are off duty, you won't receive any alerts unless a group is set to override shifts and filters or if you have filters set for certain calls to come through. Filter can be set up on your device profile when logged onto
When your device has a shift set on our website, you can set your device to auto to follow the shift schedule. You can set this up on your device profile as well.
Select the ringtone for when an alert goes off on your phone.
Any Groups you are a part of will show checked here. If there are other Groups you can join, they will show unchecked here.
If an Assignment has been created, you can join it by selecting it here. You can only be a part of one assignment at a time. Auto is the default and will cause you to show as Unassigned.
This is the default if you are not assigned to anything. If other Assignments are available, they will be listed here and you can select to join them, like Groups.

iOS Map Features

Change the route to the destination when on route or if you know the route automatically generated is not available at the time.
Changes to Satellite view and back again.
This takes you to turn by turn written directions with millage. The total miles to the destination are listed at the bottom.

Additional Options

These options will appear when you long hold on the map.

Select this to remove the dropped pin and make the additional options disappear.
This will list all of the map data points within a mile of the dropped pin. It will list them in order from nearest to furthest.
Select this to create an alert using the coordinates from the place you just selected.

Sending Alerts

When you add a device to your account, or edit an already existing device, there is a "Send Alerts" option underneath the "Capabilities" section. If you enable this option, you will be able to generate alarms directly from the device by opening the map of an alert within the Active911 app, and using a one fingered long press on the map. This will place a cross-hair icon where you pressed on the map. You can change the location of the cross-hair icon by using another one fingered long press on the desired location on the map.

Tap the "Alert" option that appears near the bottom right of the map screen, and you can enter the information for the alert into a specific set of fields. The latitude and longitude for the location on the map where you committed the long press will automatically populate the "Place" field. This is especially useful for directing responders to precise locations with no address - for example, wilderness areas or points within football stadiums or fairground sites.

How to send an alert from your phone

iOS Troubleshooting

Not receiving notifications OR Showing connected, but device showing in red on website

  1. Make sure Notifications are being allowed.
    • Got to the phone Settings > Notifications > Active911 > Turn everything on.
    • If anything was turned off, go back into the Active911 app and re-enter your device code.
  2. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Active911 from the App Store
  3. In your Active911 account, click on the test button (Test button.png) next to your device.

If you get the test message, you are done. If you still don't get Active911 messages, even though you get the test pages, you probably set your shift or filters incorrectly - remove all shift and filter information from your device in the Devices tab of your account and try again.

If you are not receiving pages at all...

  1. Disconnect and reconnect your phone from Active911:
    • Go to settings within the Active911 app
    • Delete your device code and tap OK
    • Re-enter your device code and tap OK
  2. Try the test message again. If it still doesn't work, delete and re-install Active911
  3. Try the test message again. If it still doesn't work, please contact our support team.