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This page covers the basics about our new Assignment feature.

Note that while this feature is still in testing, it may be modified and/or removed at any time.

The web console has been updated with the tabs needed to Create Assignments and Schedule devices for them.

Web Console

4 new permissions have been added.

  • View Assignments - This allows a user to view the assignments that have been created, as well as an overview of each assignment and how many people with that assignment are responding.
  • Edit Assignments - This allows a user to create assignment categories, edit existing ones, and archive ones that are no longer needed.
  • View Schedule - This allows a user to view a calender which will list all of the schedules that have been created.
  • Edit Schedule - This will allow the user to create, edit, and delete scheduled assignments.

All users who are administrators for their account have had all 4 permissions automatically assigned to their user account. You do NOT need to assign these permissions for people who only use the apps, they will only need to install the latest versions of the apps to see the new features.

Assignments Tab

This tab allows administrators to create the assignments for their agency. It also shows a list of all assignments for the agency, along with tallies of what responses are logged for devices under each assignment.

Scheduling Tab

When you create an event on the calendar which has an assignment tied to it, the devices tied to that event will show up as being assigned during that time period. This assignment can be overridden by the individual device from inside the client, which is described in greater detail later.

NOTE: This is completely separate from the on-duty/off-duty shifts. This is only for personnel management, and does not affect paging in any way.


Once you create some assignments, they will be viewable on all 3 beta clients. The Android and iOS clients show assignments and their assigned devices in the Personnel View. Webview has the Assignments as collapsible columns on the right-hand side. They can be collapsed using the handle in the middle of the left border of the assignments column, or removed using the x at the top right of each column.