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Download Alarms CSV (Alerts permission required.)

This will allow you to export all of the alarm data into a spreadsheet for a set time frame.
Select the +Download Alarms CSV
Select the date range you are looking for. This is currently only available for what is on the alarms tab. If you need alarms older than what is on the tab, please contact support.
Select Submit. This will download the CSV file to your computer.
Open the file or save it to the desired location.

Filter (At least view alerts permission required.)

For use in searching through the alarms. You can search by Description or Address.

Clicking on an alert (At least view alerts permission required.)

Select anywhere within the line the alarm you wish to view is. This will bring up all the details for the call. If there is missing information or information is being placed in the incorrect fields, please contact support or edit it.

Edit Alarm (Alerts permission required.)

Once you click on an alert to view it, you can edit the alert if information is showing incorrectly or information has changed since the original alert went out. The Edit Alert button is located in the bottom left of the Alarm Detail box (you might need to scroll down to see it). Once you click on the button, change the information desired, select who you want to send it to and then click the Send Alert NOW button. It will be sent to the group selected as a new alert.

Send Alert (Alerts permission required.)

This button is found at the top right corner of the page, below the Logout button. Once selected, a window will appear with fields to be filled in. Only the Title of the alert is required. Once all the desired fields are filled in, select the Send Alert NOW button in the bottom left corner. This will generate a new alert to go through to the group selected.