Agency Response Options

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Response Vocabulary

Response buttons can be customized per agency via the Web Console. Each agency has its own vocabulary which will be used as the response buttons for all alerts coming from that agency. A user with multiple agencies will see different response buttons depending on which agency the alert is coming from.

To change your response buttons, just type in the desired value for each button. They will be saved automatically after you enter each value. A green border will appear around each input when it is saved successfully.

What the response buttons look like for editing on the agency tab of the website

The default buttons are:

  • Resp
  • Arriv
  • Cancl
  • Avail
  • Unvl

Any of the buttons may be changed to any value, with the following limitations:

  • Each button has a maximum length of 6 characters.
  • Blank buttons are allowed, but will not send a response when pressed.

Discard Watch Responses

Each agency may enable this option to discard all watch responses sent by devices. The iOS and Android app both send a "watch" response when an alert is first opened.

  • Yes
When enabled, all watch statuses will no longer be recorded for that agency
  • No
When disabled, it will still record who opened an alert.